Chile Attacks EU Curbs On Farmed Salmon Imports

3 February, 2005
Chile denounced Friday UE curbs on imported farmed salmon from the South American country, and threatened to challenge Europe's action before the World Trade Organization.

Africa Group Proposes Changes To NAMA Annex

26 July, 2004
The Africa Group has submitted proposals to amend Annex B on non agriculture market access (NAMA) in the draft 'July package'.

Africa Group Proposes Changes To NAMA Annex

26 July, 2004
Africa Group Proposes Changes To NAMA Annex

Strong Disagreements Break Out At NAMA Meeting

28 June, 2004
Many counties also rejected the proposal by the Chair of the NAMA negotiating group, and by some members, to set up a so-called 'vehicle' where some indication of divergence of views could be given.

Annex B Of Derbez Text To Be The Basis For July Package For NAMA?

8 June, 2004
Amb. Johannesson informed members that he would therefore submit Annex B together with a covering letter that would highlight the key areas of contentions and concerns of the members.

WTO Turnaround 2013: Food, Jobs and Sustainable Development First – Statement

After many failed Ministerial meetings and nearly twelve years of negotiations, the Doha Round of WTO expansion is at a crossroads. Developed countries have pushed aside agreements to negotiate on key developing country issues intended to correct the imbalances within the existing WTO, which formed the basis of the development mandate of Doha. Even worse, developed countries appear to be re-packaging the same liberalization and market access demands of their corporate interests to create a “new trade narrative” towards gaining agreements at the upcoming 9th Ministerial in Bali. In this statement with specific demands Our World Is Not for Sale (OWINFS) network asserts that in addition to a long-term transformation of the global trade and economic architecture, immediate changes must be made to WTO in order to provide countries more policy space to pursue a positive agenda for development and job-creation, food security, sustainable development, access to affordable healthcare and medicines, and global financial stability.

Information Technology Agreement (ITA) - Global Unions and International Civil Society Express Concerns

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) together with 163 other trade union and civil society organisations are raising concerns over a proposed expansion of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA II) being negotiated at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). In a joint letter to the WTO members, they argued that the proposed expansion, would lead to erosion of manufacturing potential in developing countries and called for a comprehensive impact assessment of ITA I before taking a decision on ITA II.