Report 3 on WTO Symposium: Development absent in Doha talks, WTO symposium told

9 May, 2005
Although development is supposed to be at the centre of the Doha WorkProgramme, in reality the development dimension has not been adequately implemented, or may be absent altogether, in the current Doha negotiations, according to several panelists at a session on development during the WTO's public symposium held in Geneva on 20-22 April.

Report 2 on WTO Symposium: NGOs and trade unions criticise NAMA framework during WTO symposium

9 May, 2005
At the session, a broad range of NGOs and trade union representativescriticised the framework on NAMA (non agriculture market access) and the proposals tabled at the negotiations.(M.Khor)

Argentina-Brazil-India proposal on NAMA gets mixed reaction

3 May, 2005
A new proposal by India, Brazil and Argentina on NAMA presented at the NAMA Negotiating Group meeting on 25 April at the WTO received varyingdegrees of support from several developing countries, while being strongly criticised by the United States for not delivering sufficient market access. (M.Khor)

NAMA negotiations hit a snag as developed countries attack the Argentina-Brazil-India proposal

1 May, 2005
The negotiations hit a snag when a joint proposal by Argentina, Brazil and India (now termed the ABI proposal) drew strong criticisms from developed countries, supported by some Latin American countries.(M.Khor)

More Filipinos to lose jobs under WTO agreement

28 April, 2005
Filipino workers should not only intensify their call for a wage hike but also pressure the Arroyo government to advance the interests of local industries amid ongoing negotiations for the non-agricultural market access (NAMA) at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Training Arab Countries On NAMA

26 March, 2005
The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is strengthening its efforts to prepare the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member states for membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

North Onslaught On South's Industrial Tariffs In NAMA Talks

22 March, 2005
Many developing countries also strongly opposed the suggested trade-off between acceptance of an aggressive formula and their being able to use the 'flexibilities'.

EC And Malaysian Proposals On NAMA

21 March, 2005
Among the countries that submitted papers at the WTO’s meeting onNon-agriculture market access (NAMA) last week were the European Communities and Malaysia.

Developed Countries Advocate Steep Cuts in NAMA Tariffs

20 March, 2005
Several developed countries have intensified their advocacy in the World Trade Organisation for a simple Swiss or non-linear formula that would result in steep tariff reductions in imports of industrial goods in developing countries.

G20 Ministerial Meeting Ends With Declaration

20 March, 2005
It asked for substantial reductions in trade distorting domestic support by developed countries as well as further disciplines in the Blue Box and the Green Box in order to avoid mere “box shifting' in domestic subsidies.

G-20 Calls For Elimination Of Export Subsidies

19 March, 2005
NEW DELHI, MARCH 19: The G-20 has advocated a tariff reduction formula containing progressivity, proportionality and flexibility.

China Seeks Talks With United States, EU On Textiles, Urges Patience With Surges

16 March, 2005
China hopes to hold talks with the United States and European Union over the surge in exports of textiles and apparel to those markets since the Jan. 1 lifting of quotas, a leading Chinese textile industry representative has said.

Brazil, India Pan U.S., EU Proposals On NAMA Tariff Formula Flexibility

16 March, 2005
Brazil and India gave thumbs down March 16 to proposals from the United States and the European Union aimed at meeting developing country demands for flexibility in a formula for reducing tariffs on industrial and consumer goods.

Paper On NAMA Negotiations By B.L. DAS

14 March, 2005
Tariffs: A part of current rights...tariff negotiations are not about compensation for past gains or losses; they are future-oriented and are based on the perception of future gains and opportunities.

Ag and NAMA Market Access

13 March, 2005
Once there is satisfactory movement in agricultural market access - when Brussels agrees to a modest outcome - then the major developing countries will have to come forward with substantial nonagricultural access offers, WTD was told.

‘Friends' NAMA Formula

13 March, 2005
'We wanted a much more ambitious framework, but the US has already set the ground by suggesting its dual-coefficient ‘Swiss' formula and the EU and Norway with their credit-based approach, a key member of the 'Friends' group told WTD.

Planning NAMA Negotiations

7 March, 2005
Doha Development Agenda market access for industrial and consumer goods Chairman Stefan Hakur Johannesson has proposed to negotiators a checklist of issues to form part of an eventual formula to cut tariffs (WTD, 3/7/05).

U.S. Business Group To Seek Steep Cuts In Goods Tariffs In WTO's Doha Round

6 March, 2005
The study underscores the need for an ambitious approach in the NAMA talks, Irace said, and for significant cuts in industrial tariffs by advanced developing countries

Latin American Countries Propose Flexible Formula For WTO NAMA Talks

2 March, 2005
Mateo said that if the approach put forward by the three Latin American countries is accepted, there may be no need for the separate NAMA sectoral initiative being pushed mainly by developed countries.

NAMA's Two Tracks

26 February, 2005
Negotiators today start a week-long session on the Doha Development Agenda's nonagricultural market access and will address some 'straightforward' questions on 'two tracks' suggested by negotiation group Chairman Don Stephenson