Tough Going on NAMA Formula Talks

21 September, 2005
The chairman of the Doha Development Agenda market access negotiations for industrials yesterday made some headway in jump-starting negotiations on a tariff-cutting formula - but sharp differences exist on details between the 'Friends of Ambition' led by the United States and the so-called 'ABI'

Fate of South's industries at stake in WTO's NAMA negotiations

20 September, 2005
The WTO negotiations on non-agricultural market access (NAMA) are taking place now in Geneva, on 21-23 September. The negotiations are already quite advanced. If there are signs of serious movements in agriculture, the major players could well try to wrap things up in NAMA quickly - with serious consequences for the developing countries' industries.(M.Khor)

US, SACU talks to focus on NAMA, work plan for future issues

15 September, 2005
A U.S. trade official said the U.S. and the South African Customs Union will restart negotiations on a free trade agreement later this month in Botswana with discussions on non-agricultural market access.

Pakistan proposal on market access for non-agricultural products

7 August, 2005
Pakistan Proposal for a Market Access Formula for Non-Agricultural Products presented at the mini-Ministerial in Dalian, China12-14 July 2005.

Developing countries voice concern over the substance and process of WTO negotiations

1 August, 2005
At the WTO's Trade Negotiations Committee (TNC) on 28 July, severaldeveloping countries expressed many concerns about the state and substance of the WTO negotiations, as well as the process which theyfound to be not transparent or participatory.(M.Khor)

NAMA chair confirms impasse in NAMA negotiations

27 July, 2005
The talks on non-agricultural market access(NAMA) are at an impasse on key issues and the consultations at the WTO this weekcould not come up with agreement, according to Ambassador Stefan Johannesson ofIceland.

Splitting Down the Middle on NAMA

13 July, 2005
At the wrap-up of the latest informal trade ministerial meeting conducted by the World Trade Organization yesterday, Deputy US Trade Representative Peter Allgeier made a strong case for a two-coefficient simple 'Swiss' formula to cut industrial tariffs.

Major differences remain in NAMA talks

12 July, 2005
A week of discussions (beginning on 4 July) in the Negotiating Group on Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) ended on the morning of 7 July with indications that the end-July target for coming up with 'first approximations' on the deal to be taken to Hong Kong was not likely to be met.(M.Khor)

G-20 proposal on market access

11 July, 2005
This is the market access proposal of G20.

New ?Quad? Disagree on Ag, NAMA

10 July, 2005
Brazil and India blocked a deal on agricultural trade worked out late last week between European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson and US Trade Representative Rob Portman to accept a simple 'Swiss' formula to cut industrial tariffs

An Impasse in NAMA

10 July, 2005
Doha Development Agenda nonagricultural market access negotiations Chairman Stefan Hakur Johannesson on Friday declared an impasse in the talks

Johanesson's Assessment of NAMA Negotiations

8 July, 2005
The report was submitted on 8th July to assist members in moving forward at the China mini-Ministerial and for the July General Council.

NAMA: ABI Submission on Formulas and the Doha Mandate

6 July, 2005
Paper submitted by Argentina, Brazil and India during the current NAMA negotiations.

Caribbean countries propose new formula at NAMA meeting

5 July, 2005
Negotiations on NAMA (non agricultiral market access) are taking place this week in the WTO. On Monday (4 July), a group of Caribbean countries proposed a new tariff-reduction formula which they said is aimed at taking into account development concerns.(M. Khor)

Battle of Swiss vs Swiss-type formula continues in NAMA negotiations

22 June, 2005
Negotiations on non-agricultural market access (NAMA) at the WTO wrapped up a week-long meeting on 10 June with the Chair of the talks indicating that support for a simple Swiss formula for tariff reduction 'has grown measurably.'(M.Khor)

New TWN Paper on WTO Negotiations on NAMA

20 June, 2005
The paper examines key elements of the NAMA negotiations, the history of protectionism in industrial products (including the use of tariffs by developed countries), the optimal use of industrial tariffs at different phases of a country


8 June, 2005
Senior trade officials from the US and Australia had welcomed the agreement, with Australian Trade Minister Mark Vaile saying that it would 'inject new momentum' into the talks at the WTO.

US Moves NAMA Forward

8 June, 2005
Part of the push came from the strong support for an ambitious NAMA approach tabled earlier this week by Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation trade ministers, who met last week in South Korea.

NAMA Chair Holds 'Confessionals' To Gauge Possibilities for Advancing Talks

24 May, 2005
The chairman of the World Trade Organization's negotiating group on NAMA has been holding private consultations with key member governments to gauge the possibilities for advancing the stalled talks.