Access to Medicines and Knowledge, and the “Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rules (TRIPS)” Agreement of the WTO

WTO pens 'Love Letter to Patents' as world suffers from big pharma greed. (14 February 2024)

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The WTO will conclude negotiations over TRIPS and COVID 19 without extending the June 17, 2022 decision to therapeutics or diagnostics. (James Love, 30 January 2024)

It is outrageous that some rich countries blocked the approval of a waiver of TRIPS patent monopolies that restricted developing countries’ access to vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and to today.

Members came to an agreement on some provisions in 2022, only for vaccines, but the ‘agreement’ in no way reflected the original proposals, and was designed to be unworkable; in fact, it have not been able to be utilized, as expert CSOs predicted. For MC13, countries, at the very minimum, should have agreed to extend the provisions to diagnostics and treatments, and to keep negotiating on this life-or-death topic. But it appears that Big Pharma and its government allies in Switzerland, the EU and the US, has blocked the extension of even these paltry provisions to tests and treatments.

Monopoly restrictions under the TRIPS agreement include patents on medicines (diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines) as well as copyright restrictions (such as on books, music, etc.) There is no economic evidence for the specific terms of the intellectual property restrictions in the WTO, which are the only WTO rules which actually restrict trade, reduce consumer choice, and increase prices thousands of times more than the marginal cost of production (and are therefore the opposite of “free” trade.)

See also: The patent system, by Joseph E. Stiglitz. (Washington Post, 27 May 2022; scroll down until the in-page navigation menu is shown, then you can click on the heading “The patent system”)

At the time of the founding of the WTO, developed countries pressured developing countries into agreeing to such monopolies on the guise that they would promote development and innovation. However, IP-related incomes for the OECD members swelled from less than USD 50 billion at the time of the founding of the WTO, to more than USD 350 billion in 2017, while developing country incomes from IP have remained flat at close to zero.

In the context of the Covid pandemic, it is outrageous that the saving of human life through widespread distribution of vaccines and treatments, many of which were created with public investment, is being restricted in favor of monopoly profits of giant pharmaceutical corporations.

In October 2020, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, several developing countries proposed that certain provisions of the TRIPS Agreement (patents, trade secrets, copyright and industrial designs) in relation to the containment, prevention and treatment of COVID-19 should be waived for the duration. This proposal is now co-sponsored by the Africa Group and the Least Developed Country Group, most of the other developing countries and the international health community. Unfortunately, states representing “Big Pharma” interests have remained steadfastly opposed.

For extensive coverage of all proposals and statements regarding the waiver, please see the website of the Third World Network, an OWINFS member which is co-leading the campaign to support this waiver in the WTO .

Having refused for over a year to take the steps identified by the global health community and supported by over 100 WTO members to resolve the pandemic, trade negotiators from the EU, Switzerland, Canada, the UK, and a few other countries - representing the interests of Big Pharma over their own citizens and global public health - have invented a diversionary tactic called the “Walker Process.” Allegedly on “Trade and Health,” this process is designed to try to save the WTO from its increasing irrelevance and illegitimacy, by drawing attention away from the WTO’s failure to remove the barriers of its Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rules (TRIPS) agreement to resolving the pandemic.

Major international civil society organisations exposed the sham of the so-called “Walker process” as a cynical scheme to distract from the failure of the WTO to resolve the COVID pandemic by agreeing to waive intellectual property (IP) barriers to Covid treatments, tests, and vaccines, through a letter sent on November 19, 2021 to Members of the WTO (see also the press release on the letter.)

The letter notes that “Ambassador Walker unilaterally tabled a proposed text which is clearly not designed to resolve the pandemic. Rather, the draft text promotes the same liberalization demands made by developed countries in various fora and interventions that will further constrain regulatory space and policy tools available to WTO Members…”

Walker’s text also calls on WTO Members to establish a “Work Plan on Pandemic Preparedness and Resilience.” However, the main intent of this work-plan appears to be to “push the liberalization and deregulatory interests of developed countries and undermine existing mandates” within the WTO which are of interest to developing countries that were never delivered. Notably, the Walker process specifically excludes discussion on the most important topic: the TRIPS waiver. The letter calls on WTO members to immediately agree to the TRIPS waiver as proposed.

The letter thus notes that the “reality is that the Walker process is a deplorable attempt by the WTO to cover up what should be a grave humiliation: its inability to agree to remove key obstacles to resolving the COVID-19 pandemic by waiving intellectual property barriers as per the TRIPS waiver proposal. Millions of people have died because of the WTO’s vaccine apartheid and inequitable access.”

The letter was endorsed by major global health, development, and human rights groups such as Amnesty International, Global Health Advocates, Health Poverty Action (HPA), the Latin American Network for Access to Medicine (RedLAM), Oxfam International, the Peoples Health Movement (PHM), and the People's Vaccine Alliance, which itself is a coalition of organizations including UNAIDS, health NGOs and global union federations such as International Trade Union Confederation, International Transport Workers’ Federation, Public Services International, UNI Global Union which represent more than 200 million workers in more than 163 countries, as well as multiple national and international groups. See also quotes from various of these organizations.

TRIPS Waiver Related to Covid-19

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Statement: Civil society organizations and prominent researchers and experts, representing millions of researchers, educators, libraries, and support organizations globally, call for reduction of copyright barriers to COVID-19 prevention, containment and treatment (March 22, 2021)

Various statements from civil society in support of TRIPS waiver:

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H.E. Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič, Permanent Observer of the Holy See (16 October 2020)

Chilean House of Representatives Resolution (15 October 2020)

Statements by Intergovernmental Organizations in favor of the TRIPS waiver

Winnie Byanyima (Executive Director of UNAIDS and an Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations) (6 April 2022)

African Commission of Human and Peoples' Rights (13 November 2020)

Statement by UN Human Rights Experts (9 November 2020)

World Health Organization (9 November 2020)

World Health Organization (17 October 2020)

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LDC Extension of the Transition Period on TRIPS

Letter from MEPs Calling on Commission to Support the request of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to the WTO TRIPS Council on the LDC transition period. (20 May 2021)

Letter from more than 50 Academics to the USTR and EU Trade Commission in Favor of the LDC’s Request for Extending the Transition Period. (22 April 2021)

Statement from the Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), “EIFL calls on the World Trade Organization (WTO) to grant a request by Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to extend the LDC TRIPS exemption. (16 February 2021)

Civil Society Letter from 112 Organizations to Members of the WTO Concerning a Further Extension of the Transition Period for LDCs under article 66.1 of the TRIPS Agreement. (4 February 2021)

Previous work

OWINFS has campaigned against the TRIPS agreement’s patent monopolies since our founding. For more on this work before the Covid-19 crisis, please see here.