5th Ministerial, Cancùn 2003

Cancun Promises To Be Problematic If Decisions Left For Ministerial

28 April, 2009
There seems to be very little clarity on the part of the Secretariat and member states on the way forward regarding progress in these issues and in particular how these and other issues will play out in the 5th WTO Ministerial in Cancun.

General Council Meeting Ends With 'No Breakthrough'

22 April, 2009
Castillo said the meeting did not represent a breakthrough, and the Round is not yet back on track. But he was happy the members are in a pragmatic mood, ready to work.

Canc?n: El Segundo Seattle De La OMC

16 September, 2003
Los m

Tequila Sunset In Canc?n

16 September, 2003
Failure at Canc

herunder The Position Of CPE After The Failure Of WTO Negotiations In Cancun

15 September, 2003
Failure of WTO negociations in Cancun

After Cancun, Rich Man's 'Debacle' Is the Poor Man's 'Moral Victory'

15 September, 2003
In the United States, the failure of the World Trade Organization meeting in Cancun, Mexico, to reach a new agreement was seen as a 'debacle' that cast a shadow on the future of free trade.

Comments On The Draft Cancun Ministerial Text

13 September, 2003
Many governments as well as NGOs had called for the following principles to be adhered to with respect to the Draft Text: Different and divergent views of Members must be fully reflected in the Text that will form the basis for negotiations.

The Cancun Meeting Will End Without An Agreement On The Ministerial Text.

13 September, 2003
The way the Cancun meeting has ended without an agreement and with such strong divisions is another wake up call for the system.

Some Key Issues In Cancun

13 September, 2003
The WTO's 5th Ministerial Conference in Cancun faces many key issues and problems. The outcome will be crucial for people and communities around the world.

WTO Derailed At 'Second Seattle' In Cancun

13 September, 2003
'The sacrifice of Compa

Trade And Competition Policy In The WTO

13 September, 2003
In Cancun, one of the most important decisions for Ministers will be whether or not to launch negotiations on new WTO agreements on investment, competition, transparency in government procurement, trade facilitation.

WTO 'Singapore Issues': What's At Stake And Why It Matters

13 September, 2003
Cancun's most important decision will be whether or not to launch negotiations on the 'new issues' or 'Singapore issues': investment, competition, transparency in government procurement, trade facilitation.

Fate Of Ministerial Hangs On A Thread Today --- As Developing Countries Express Frustration With The Text

13 September, 2003
There is so much dissatisfaction and anger among so many developing countries that the usual attempt used at Ministerials by the major developed countries to bulldoze through a text at the last minute may not work this time.

The New 'Deal' On TRIPS And Drugs: What Does It Mean For Access To Medicies?

13 September, 2003
The TRIPS Agreement allows the grant of compulsory licences (CL) to override patents, so that generic manufacturers may produce their cheaper versions of patented drugs.

African Cotton Producers Are Upset

12 September, 2003
'After so many comments and declarations of sympathy with our cause from the WTO secretariat and many ministers, the mountain gave birth to a mouse... no, not even a mouse, an ant!' -Francois Traor