5th Ministerial, Cancùn 2003

Mexican Peasant Leaders Plan Cancun Protest

7 September, 2003
Mexican peasant leaders are planning a mass demonstration against free trade on Wednesday to mark the opening of the World Trade Organisation's ministerial meeting in the Caribbean resort of Cancun.

Trade Talk: Speaking in Tongues

5 September, 2003
When we try to fight them in their language we risk sacrificing the power to name our world and assert our values.

Draft Canc?n Ministerial Text - Revision/Market Access for Non-Agricultural Products

3 September, 2003
A draft text of Cancun ministerial with EU's proposed revisions.

From Palermo To Cancun: EU Trade Ministers Asked To Stop WTO Expansion

2 July, 2003
In Palermo, the European Union is supposed to decide on its position for the next WTO Ministerial that will take place in Cancun, Mexico, from 10 to 14 September.

The Decision-making Process And The Single Undertaking

16 June, 2003
Are WTO members courageous enough to define 'explicit consensus?' Allow me to define it for you as the following: Unless people state an approval to negotiate, there is no explicit consensus.

Restricted WTO Documents Outline Non-Transparent Cancun Preparatory Process

28 May, 2003
An extremely problematic feature of this process is that the Chair states,'Clearly, the informal HODs will need to be complemented by consultations by both of us in a variety of smaller configuration to address specific issues and problems.

Coherence Between World Bank, IMF And WTO: A Flawed Agenda For Development

19 May, 2003
Last week's WTO General Council Meeting, May13, is seen as a 'historic' event by the Secretariat because for the first time, the heads of the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the WTO met with the entire membership of the WTO.