4th Ministerial, Doha 2001

WTO Protesters Stage Hunger Strike

8 January, 2006
On Jan. 8 the streets of Hong Kong were ringing once again with anti-WTO chants as hundreds of people marched for all charges to be dropped against the 14 protesters --11 Koreans and three from Japan, Taiwan and China -- who were charged in the aftermath of the World Trade Organization conference held here last month.

The action against WTO is not over

8 January, 2006

ATTAC Germany demands release of 14 HK protesters

8 January, 2006
Press release: ATTAC Germany, a globalisation critical network has demanded, in a public letter to the Chinese Embassy, the dropping of all charges against the 14 demonstrators arrested during the protests at the WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong last month.

HKPA strongly condemns Hong Kong SAR government for groundless prosecution; Demands dropping of charges against 14 protestors

29 December, 2005
Today (30 Dec), 14 people who participated in the protest against the WTO were produced in court again. Since there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the protestors, the court had to adjourn and the case was rescheduled for 11 Jan 2006.

Doubt Expressed About WTO Year-End 2006 Deadline, Raising Specter of TPA Renewal

26 December, 2005
Trade ministers at the World Trade Organization's Dec. 13-18 ministerial meeting in Hong Kong agreed to set a new deadline for completing the Doha Round of trade talks by the end of 2006, but many observers are skeptical that the negotiations, which are stalled in several areas, can be completed by then.

Lamy, Tsang upbeat at post-Conference press conference

20 December, 2005
This is a report of the four press conferences that were held after the closing session of the WTO

'2013' for Ag Subsidies Elimination

20 December, 2005
The Hong Kong ministerial declaration approved late yesterday by 150 World Trade Organization delegates gathered here for the sixth ministerial meeting set 2013 as the date for eliminating all agricultural export subsidies an agreement that came after hours of wrangling as well as threats of walk-outs from some trade ministers

A 'Hong Kong' Analysis

20 December, 2005
Last week's sixth World Trade Organization ministerial conference which brought about '5 percent progress' in the languishing Doha Development Agenda trade negotiations, according to Director General Pascal Lamy has preserved the 'process' more than adding to the substance of the four-year-old negotiations

NGOs criticize WTO?s Hong Kong outcome

20 December, 2005
In contrast to statements by several governments who hailed the WTO

How the WTO's conference adopted its ministerial declaration in Hong Kong

20 December, 2005
The sixth Ministerial conference of the WTO ended on Sunday with the adoption of a Ministerial Declaration in a carefully choreographed closing session designed in a way to prevent delegations from speaking or taking an active role in decision-making

Quietly trading away our rights

19 December, 2005
The deal patched together at the World Trade Organisation Ministerial meeting in Hong Kong at the weekend is widely seen as a face saving exercise designed to save the talks from collapse. And there is doubt that the many remaining areas of disagreement can be sorted out by the target date of the end of next year.

Protesters denounce police violence

19 December, 2005
press statement: Anti-WTO activists present at the December 17 standoff with the Hong Kong police outside the HKCEC denounce the heavy-handed tactics used to disperse an assembly of unarmed protesters

The DDA and Agricultural Market Access

19 December, 2005
The United States went as far as it could in last week's World Trade Organization ministerial meeting and it is now time for the European Union to 'step up' and propose a more ambitious agricultural market access offer in the Doha Development Agenda

Ministers Reach Compromise Declaration

18 December, 2005
After a lot of discussions and generally little sleep for the major players, World Trade Organization trade ministers yesterday crossed a major hurdle and adopted a Hong Kong ministerial declaration that calls for achieving full modalities in the Doha agriculture and market-opening negotiations in industrials by the end of next April

US succeeds in softening cotton obligations in ministerial text

18 December, 2005
The United States this week succeeded in softening the demands of a draft ministerial declaration with respect to cutting its domestic cotton subsidies after many intense meetings with ministers from five West African countries demanding the elimination of these trade- distorting payments.