6th Ministerial, Hong Kong 2005

Report 2 of UNCTAD meetings: Supachai and Lamy give views on Doha suspension at TDB

9 October, 2006
The suspension of the World Trade Organisation's Doha negotiations should not lower the expectations for the development dimension of the Doha Round.

Report 6 on UNCTAD meetings: Focus on Round's content, not just its completion, says Indian Minister Kamal Nath

9 October, 2006
Although there is a lot of talk about the need for completion of the World Trade Organisation's Doha Round, the content of the Round's outcome is just as important and there should be emphasis on this content instead as talk of a Development Round has been rhetorical so far, according to India's Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath.

Report 3 on UNCTAD meetings: Doha talks should resume but on development basis

9 October, 2006
The World Trade Organisation's Doha negotiations should resume as soon as possible, and on the basis of the development mandate and principle so that the developing countries will really benefit, according to many developing countries individually or through their groupings.

Schwab says US will not make new WTO offer unilaterally

5 October, 2006
U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab this week said the U.S. would not offer another unilateral proposal in the WTO to reduce its domestic agricultural support, as requested by other members.

Looking To US, EU For Restart

3 October, 2006
Developing-country coalitions yesterday reiterated their view that the resumption of the suspended Doha Development Agenda negotiations can only recommence when industrialized countries spell out in specifics what they are prepared to do in trade-distorting domestic support and the market access pillars of the farm trade talks

Mandelson drops development guise and launches final attack on European Social model

3 October, 2006
The EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson will today announce a damaging new corporate-driven trade strategy, warn European activist groups and civil society organisations united in the Seattle to Brussels Network (S2B).

A Slow-Go on DDA - USTR Schwab

3 October, 2006
US Trade Representative Susan Schwab yesterday all but ruled out the possibility that the United States will put a major new offer on the table to get the stalled World Trade Organization Doha Development Agenda trade round back on track, but expressed confidence the talks will eventually be revived.

Top leaders, intellectuals for Doha trade talks

2 October, 2006
Top leaders and intellectuals from developing and developed nations will convene in Qatar next month to revive trade liberalisation talks and to arrive at the best way to support the former countries in their trade expansion to enhance their economic growth and ease poverty.

Mr. Mandelsons Quiet Diplomacy

1 October, 2006
European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson ended three days of quiet exploratory discussions here in Washington with a plea for all sides to show more flexibility in order to get the stalled World Trade Organization Doha Development Agenda negotiations back on track.

US, EU report no substantive progress on Doha differences

28 September, 2006
U.S. and European Union trade officials this week acknowledged they have made no progress in narrowing their substantive differences on the Doha round of World Trade Organization negotiations in their most recent discussions leading up to this week's visit of EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson.

Doha in the Capitals

27 September, 2006
The fate of the Doha Development Agenda trade negotiations will depend largely on what happens in respective national capitals at this juncture, suggesting that there is little point in resuming the suspended talks without a material change in the negotiating positions.

DDA Fate Still Unclear - USTR Schwab

27 September, 2006
Some progress is quietly being made at the technical level on the stalled World Trade Organization Doha Development Agenda trade talks but it still remains unclear whether an agreement can be reached.

US Criticizes China's Services Practices

27 September, 2006
The United States raised some sharp concerns over China's lack of compliance with its scheduled commitments as spelled out in its 2001 accession protocol to the World Trade Organization.

G20 meeting gives flicker of hope??

10 September, 2006
World Trade Organisation chief Pascal Lamy said on Sunday that rich and developing nations had agreed that talks on a global trade pact should be renewed although differences remained over farm subsidies and market access.

G-20, trade powers clamour for WTO talks

10 September, 2006
The Group of 20 emerging countries and world trade heavyweights the United States, European Union and Japan clamoured on Monday for a resumption of the WTO Doha Round of negotiations, but offered no hard specifics on when or how.