Correction - US textile industry seeks different types of sectorals in NAMA negotiations

8 March, 2006
Below are links to two letters from different U.S. textile industry groups. The first one calls for a sectoral on textiles that would provide special treatment for the textile sector by resurrecting protection in the textile and apparel sectors. The second one calls for the complete elimination of tariffs in the textile sector. The two letters were sent to the Chair of the NAMA negotiations. Industry groups from Europe and the U.S. made presentations to WTO members to establish a sectoral on textiles. (Some are in favour of zero tariffs and others in favour of lesser tariff cuts). Apparently the EU convened the meeting as a way to intensify differences between developing countries (between those that currently receive preferences on textiles and those who don't).

U.S. industry in favour of protecting textile sector:

U.S. industry in favour of eliminating tariffs on textile sector: