Agriculture and Food Security In The WTO: What can MC13 Deliver?

26 February 2024

In-person event in Abu Dhabi organized by civil society

This event has focused on the current dynamics of the agricultural negotiatons leading up to MC13 and possible deliverables from it.

Agriculture and food security has always been an important issue in the WTO specially for developing countries, which have reaffirmed its criticality in recent times. A key need is to ensure the development of the agriculture sector, both as a source of food and livelihoods.

The question is, can the WTO deliver on the type of trade rules that are needed, by critically reviewing the Agreement on Agriculture, by delivering on outstanding issues, by providing policy space to developing countries for their agricultural development?


Ambassador Dandy Iswara - Government of Indonesia

Helene Bank - Board leader of the Norwegian trade campaign and special advisor to the norwegian alliance for the welfare state

Abhijit Das - Independent researcher & Former head, Centre for WTO Studies, New Delhi, India and Madhyam

Jane Nalunga, Executive Director, Seatini, Uganda


Ranja Sengupta, Senior Reasearcher and head, TWN India and Consumer Association of Penang