1 October 2021

Public Forum Event: Agriculture & WTO in the time of a pandemic: Looking towards MC12


Global agricultural production and trade, though relatively stable during the pandemic, are soon expected to be severely impacted. FAO has pointed towards the threats to food security, livelihoods and incomes and the need for corrective financial & trade policies. Key outstanding issues are on the table as we go towards the 12th Ministerial Conference. There are also new recommendations from 2020 suggesting an open trade regime. However, addressing the real needs of the pandemic necessitates a methodical assessment of the current needs vis a vis the current negotiations, mapping of the range of Member States’ positions and designing a responsive architecture for agriculture. The Working Session explored how MC12 can address the additional challenges posed by the pandemic, and what a reshaped agricultural trade agreement or negotiations spanning outstanding issues on the table along with newer solutions could look like, and what should be its key elements and principles.

This event was organized by the Third World Network Trust India (TWN India); Madhyam Trust India; and the Society for International Development Italy (SID).