Bilateral & Regional Trade

Demo Held against EU trade rules

Original Publication Date: 
24 January, 2007
Thousands of demonstrators yesterday paralysed operations of the European Union office in Nairobi accusing the trading bloc of exploiting African Countries.

African Ministers want to explore "all alternatives" in EPA talks

Original Publication Date: 
23 January, 2007
African Trade Ministers at their recent meeting in Addis

The EU approach to FTA talks with ASEAN, India, Korea

Original Publication Date: 
22 January, 2007
On 6 December 2006, the EU Commission announced that it had finalised three draft mandates for negotiating bilateral free trade agreements with ASEAN, Korea and India, together with two mandates for negotiations with Central America and the Andean Community.

Committee: Rafidah skirting main FTA issues news report of our farmers coalition questioning our Minister of International Trade.

Original Publication Date: 
16 January, 2007
International Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz has not addressed the main concerns surrounding the US-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement (FTA), claimed a regional grouping of fishermen and farmers today.

NAFTA Anxiety: Trade agreement has not produced expected gains in Mexico?s economy

Original Publication Date: 
10 January, 2007

US FTA: Will we lose out, too?

Original Publication Date: 
10 January, 2007
BY tomorrow, the fourth round of negotiations for the free trade agreement (FTA) between Malaysia and the US would have concluded in San Francisco.

20,000 fishermen, farmers protest against FTA

Original Publication Date: 
9 January, 2007
A signature campaign in Kedah

David and Goliath: argument against the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries

Original Publication Date: 
6 January, 2007
The European Union (EU) hides itself behind the so-called WTO constraints to impose on the poorest countries in the world, the ACP countries (ACPs) in which Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) accounts for 94% of the population, the drastic remedy of a bilateral free trade under the pretext that 34 years of non reciprocal trade preferences did not prevent them from becoming poorer.

FTA talks hit snag over trade laws, autos, drugs

Original Publication Date: 
7 December, 2006
Korea and the United States hit a deadlock in three of the most sensitive areas in talks for a free trade agreement, raising doubts about meeting a March 2007 deadline in concluding the negotiations.

ALBA: Venezuela?s Answer to free trade

Original Publication Date: 
6 December, 2006
The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) represents the first attempt at regional integration that is not based primarily on trade liberalization but on a new vision of social welfare and equity.

Korea-US FTA Talks Hit Snag

Original Publication Date: 
6 December, 2006
Free trade negotiations with the United States broke down on Wednesday after South Korean negotiators walked out of three committee meetings.

[KoA Newsletter#4] The "Mass People's Resistance against KorUS FTA" Continued

Original Publication Date: 
3 December, 2006
Police attack and repression on workers and farmers are intensified after the first 'Mass People's Resistance against KorUS FTA' on 22nd of November.

“Tadeco engaged in pesticide poisoning cover-up!”-KMP

Original Publication Date: 
2 December, 2006
“The Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc.or Tadeco is definitely trying to hide something and seems to be doing earnest efforts to cover up the pesticide poisoning incident which downed at least 79 people,”

“Davao pesticide poisoning to expand and increase with JPEPA!”-KMP and APC

Original Publication Date: 
30 November, 2006
The militant Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) and the Asian Peasant Coalition (APC) lambasted the Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc. (Tadeco) in Mindano, Philippines for causing the pesticide poisoning of at least 79 people, mostly school children at that, from Tanglaw Elementary school in Braulio Dujali town in Davao del Norte.

Anti-FTA protesters defy police ban

Original Publication Date: 
29 November, 2006
Thousands of farmers and workers yesterday clashed with riot police across the country in the second massive demonstration in a week against a free trade deal with the United States.

KCTU General Strike Newsletter # 3

Original Publication Date: 
27 November, 2006
More than 200,000 KCTU Members Participated in the full-fledged General Strike on November 22 Over 170,000 people in 13 cities gathered to protest against the KOR-US FTA on the same day

Furor Over JPEPA: Will Davao’s Banana Workers Benefit From It?

Original Publication Date: 
24 November, 2006
On paper, it

Prosecution warns of crackdown on violent anti-FTA protests

Original Publication Date: 
22 November, 2006
South Korea

Americans Protest U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement in Seoul

Original Publication Date: 
21 November, 2006
An American delegation of peace, labor and social justice activists led by Cindy Sheehan is in Seoul to join the nationwide mobilization against the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement currently being negotiated.

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) Launches a General Strike

Original Publication Date: 
20 November, 2006
Full-pledged General Strike Being Launched from November 22 in Korea.