Greens Call For Senate Veto On FTA

Original Publication Date: 
8 February, 2004

Greens Media Release, 9 February 2004 Greens call for Senate veto on FTA

The Greens will oppose the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) because of its enormous bias in advantage to the US, Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

'The Howard Government has been slaughtered and Australian industries, agriculture and culture with it,' Senator Brown said.

'The FTA continues Mr Howard's retreat from multilateralism, a move which favours big business to the detriment of global cooperation.

'Australia will give US companies the right to supply services, including government services, almost across the board, including energy, environment, education and training, and audiovisual and entertainment services.

'The US fact sheet on the deal says the agreement contains 'unprecedented provisions' to improve market access for US films and television programs over a variety of media including cable, satellite, and the internet.'

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said the government had failed to deliver on its priorities for the FTA and the final agreement was neither free nor fair.

'The Minister must release the text of the agreement immediately to allow full analysis of the deal,' Senator Nettle said.

'The promise that prescription medicine prices won't rise ignores the possibility that the deal on pharmaceutical intellectual property will mean many drugs will stay expensive for longer.'

More information: Katrina Willis (Senator Brown) 0419 704 095 or Jon Edwards (Senator Nettle) 0408 341 633