Government to Make Public Announcement on Korea-U.S. FTA

Original Publication Date: 
5 July, 2006

The Korean government is to present a public announcement regarding the Korea-U.S. FTA at Central Government Complex on July 7.

The upcoming announcement will take place amidst raging protest movements orchestrated by FTA opposition groups with the second round of the FTA negotiations scheduled to be held in Seoul for five days from July 10.

Kim Chang-ho, Vice Minister of the Government Information Agency, conveyed that the government has made such a decision during a meeting held at the Central Government Complex during the morning of July 5 while discussing the national policy controls under the supervision of Prime Minister Han Myeong-suk.

Kim announced, "The public announcement will once again emphasize the importance of the Korea-U.S. FTA along with message to restrain violent protests and to cooperate for the settlement for a sound protest culture."

The government is to clarify its stand to thoroughly guarantee the freedom of speech based on the principle of peaceful protesting but will not accept violent acts.

The public announcement is to be jointly signed by the Finance and Economy Minister Han Duk su, Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon, Justice Minster Chun Jeong-bae, Government Administration and Home Affairs Minister Lee Yong-sup, Labor Minister Lee Sang-su and Agriculture, and Forestry Minister Park Hong-su.

Kim relayed Vice Prime Minister Han's request, "The Korea-U.S. FTA is the most central political measure of the participatory government for latter half of the administration. However, it is troublesome how the nationwide protest planned for July 12 will affect the negotiation process. To certify that no scandalous affairs will occur, the concerned ministries should make their best efforts to persuade the core opposition groups."