Corporate Conquest: Why the UK and its EU partners must stop forcing Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) upon developing countries

Original Publication Date: 
3 October, 2006

From the introduction:

The European Union is currently negotiating unfair trade deals with 75 developing countries from the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific region (ACP) behind closed doors. If these Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are ratified, they will have a devastating impact on poor communities and their natural resources. By forcing poor countries' farmers and industries into unfair competition with rich countries, infant industries are set to be destroyed and small farmers driven off their land.

In addition, the EU is attempting to include an investment deal that would give European corporations greater rights over poor countries, despite the fact that developing countries have already rejected such a deal at world trade talks. This would pave the way for corporations to exploit natural resources with minimal regulation. The UK and its EU partners have until the end of 2007 to push these deals through.

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