ARENA special bulletin on WTO

Original Publication Date: 
5 December, 2005


  1. 10 years is enough: Stop the WTO neoliberal agenda in Hong Kong
  2. Three strikes and you are out: How to sink a WTO ministerial
  3. Kong Yee Sai Mau: Stop the WTO's corporate agenda
  4. The Doha Round: 'Anything but development'
  5. Agriculture: New faces, same politics
  6. Via Campesina prepares road from Geneva to Hong Kong
  7. NAMA: A development agenda - yeah right!
  8. A license to plunder the seas: Fisheries and the WTO
  9. How the WTO kills everyday: Life saving drugs and HIV/AIDS
  10. GATS hypocrisy exposed
  11. Trade in people: Mode 4 - What does it mean?
  12. Maids plan WTO show of strength: migrant domestic workers opposing the WTO
  13. Another failed ministerial: a serious loss of face
  14. Two circuses come to town: Disney joins WTO in Hong Kong
  15. A beat-up on violence: Sets the scene for suppressing dissent
  16. None dare call it failure: Where are the negotiations really at?

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