Towards the 12th WTO Ministerial, 2021

Covid-19 crisis

The insanity of business-as-usual trade negotiations: While most nations are focused on coping with Covid-19 and its aftermath, some rich countries are pushing binding WTO rules

Letter from 400 organizations from more than 150 countries to WTO Members: Stop all trade and investment treaty negotiations during the COVID-19 outbreak and refocus on access to medical supplies and saving lives: English, Spanish, French

Call to Halt Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations in the Middle of the COVID 19 Crisis: English, Spanish, French. Response from WTO DG Azevêdo.

COVID-19 straw breaks free trade camel's back

COVID-19: CSOs call for fair & equitable benefit sharing of medical products

South sets out developmental priorities in face of COVID-19

COVID-19: Trade policy choices during and after pandemic

COVID-19: South opposes attempts to foist trade liberalization measures

Access to medicines, TRIPS waiver

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WTO reform

As WTO dispute settlement system collapses, civil society calls attention to need for fundamental change in global trade

The WTO 20 years after the 'battle of Seattle'

Looking back on the 1999 protests in Seattle: article

October 9, 2017: Letter from Global Civil Society about the Agenda of the WTO: English: pdf, docx. Spanish: pdf, docx. French: pdf, docx. Greek: pdf, docx.

still relevant:
WTO Turnaround 2013:
Food, Jobs and Sustainable Development First
– Statement (Oct 28, 2013): English Spanish French Portuguese

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Market access the true aim of WTO fisheries subsidies negotiations: English, Spanish

Fisheries subsidies negotiations and development in the World Trade Organization

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Investment facilitation – Another plurilateral initiative at the WTO and its potential implications

Rebuttal to “The WTO Investment Facilitation Initiative: Why It Matters” – background note: Investment Facilitation for Development: Opening the doors of the WTO for hard rules on investment


Disciplining non-discriminatory domestic regulations in the services sectors – Another plurilateral track at the WTO

“Domestic regulation” rules in the WTO: English, Spanish

“Domestic regulation” rules in the WTO: English: pdf, docx. Spanish: pdf, doc.

Session at the 2019 WTO Public Forum: #111. What would services as the next trade frontier look like?

Session at the 2019 WTO Public Forum: #119. Why are computer and related services important?

Development agenda

South sets out developmental priorities in face of COVID-19

Martin Luther Munu: eCommerce and MSMEs: what trade rules could improve the business climate in Africa? English: pdf, docx. Spanish: pdf, docx. French: pdf, docx.

Why E-Commerce won’t work for Africa’s development.

Giant tech corporations join forces with the WTO to try to launch a WTO 2.0 to cement digital colonialism through international treaties: English pdf, Spanish pdf


Inequitable WTO rules in agriculture continue to impact farmers in the developing world: English, Spanish

Agriculture remains key

WTO summit to ignore price crisis, agricultural dumping

WTO and Food Security: Biting the hand that feeds the poor

For India, the fight at WTO will be about food security

Digital trade

Digital Trade Rules: A disastrous new constitution for the global economy written by and for Big Tech

E-commerce proposals at the WTO: a recipe for corporate greed

Digital trade rules and Big Tech: Surrendering public good to private power

US to target countries that impose digital services taxes

Updated Twelve Reasons: English: pdf, docx. Spanish: pdf, doc. French: pdf, docx.

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L'économie numérique

L’Afrique francophone face au e-commerce à l’OMC

Les impacts « anti-développement » des dispositions fiscales prévues dans les règles proposées sur le commerce numérique à l’OMC

Lettre de la société civile contre les règles sur le commerce électronique à l’Organisation mondiale du commerce (OMC)

Douze raisons de s’opposer aux règles sur le commerce électronique à l’OMC

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La Economia Digital

‘Big tech’ en la OMC

Los países del Sur adoptan una postura firme sobre la geoeconomía de los datos

Las asociaciones de PYMES rechazan el programa de trabajo de PYMES y las Reglas de comercio electronico de la OMC Doce razones por las cuales debemos oponernos a las normas relativas al comercio digital en el marco de la OMC

El comercio electrónico y la OMC

Tecnología, comercio electrónico y empleo

Comercio electrónico, futuro del trabajo y su impacto en las mujeres

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